Susy Gala – GRAND THEFT SWALLOW X – vrcosplayx 2016

Susy Gala – GRAND THEFT SWALLOW X – vrcosplayx 2016

Porn VR video studio VRcosplayX. Name video "GRAND THEFT SWALLOW X". You’re driving through the city and your girlfriend Catalina calls you asking that you pick her up; but as you get another "work" call for you to collect some blow at a local strip club, maybe your girl can wait a little bit. You sit at the titty bar, watching a couple of strippers dance for you and nonchalantly take the little bags of coke out of their bra and panties just for you-all without missing a beat on the pole. Of course, when a furious Catalina storms into the joint, cursing you in Spanish, you know you’re gonna need to give her all of your attention ASAP. Thankfully, she knows the best way to get it, and she can’t stay mad at you for long when some hot make up sex awaits. Fuck this sexy latina in a steamy strip club VR porn scene. It’s another day at the office in the GTA world, and not a bad gig to have, Trevor!

Released: December 30, 2016
Tags: Blowjob, Brunette, 180, Videogame, Big Tits, Curvy, Latina, Titty Fuck.

Time: 34:00
Studio: VRcosplayx
Cast: Susy Gala

Download for Oculus / HTC Vive

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