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Karolina – Undress 2 Impress – StripzVR 2018

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Karolina – Undress 2 Impress – StripzVR 2018

Karolina works as a ring girl and a stripper at the world-famous Spearmint Rhino but today the blue-eyed blonde was putting on a show at her house. She moved around in some skin tight jeans and a top which she tossed aside then she slowly slinked her way out of the jeans. Spinning around, she unhooked her bra and let those monster tits out to play then she stepped out of her panties. Shaking that tight ass, she then turned around and ran her hands down her tight, fit body until her fingers made their way to her shaved, wet pussy.

We introduce the super sexy Model, Ring Girl & Spearmint Rhino Dancer Karolina! She’s 5’6, has beautiful Blue eyes, & according to her, finds it hard to keep her big 32E Breasts inside her dress on nights out haha – You gotta see them in V.R pushed against your face, it’s an amazing experience! VR porn in 5K quality.
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