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Venus Afrodita – Barbershop Slut – BaDoinkVR 2018

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Venus Afrodita – Barbershop Slut – BaDoinkVR 2018

The Afrodita Barbershop has quite the reputation in town. There’s a never-ending list of men waiting to have their turn with Venus. She’s not a very good barber, but she’s got two enormous reasons for anyone to sit on that chair. Her gigantic tits dangling in your face while she washes your hair is pure heaven. She talks a lot but she doesn’t expect you to listen. You can sit tight and watch her Latina ass while she bends down for the fifth time. And today is your lucky day. Venus wants to offer you the full treatment; A pussy promotion like you never seen before. So grab your VR headset and get ready for the happiest possible ending in Barbershop history. Download VR porn video of studio BaDoinkVR and cast Venus Afrodita.

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